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Just a quick note about feeding your new baby.

Below is the puppy food we feed to all of the puppies.  Please get the same kind so your new baby won't have tummy issues from a drastic change in diet.  You should also get plain yogurt and cottage cheese.  Soak the puppy chow with warm water and add the yogurt and cottage cheese for the first week. Feed your puppy 2-3 times a day. 

Purina Puppy Chow

So you're getting a puppy. Now what?

We highly recommend an exercise pen and a potty patch for your new puppy. This will really help with potty training!

Exercise Pens start at $58.00
Potty Patches start at $24.99

Harnesses start at only $2.50 and Choo Hooves are $1.25!

Or buy a puppy kit and get everything you need!

For only $115.00 This kit includes:

  • A 36 inch tall exercise pen
  • potty pads
  • Potty Patch
  • Bed