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Home of the Pampered Pups!

Sally and Charles Baldwin started Waggintails Ranch in 1992. We were located in California and now live in a beautiful setting in the White Mountains of Arizona. We have been married for 25 years and have 1 daughter. We run this Ranch with CARING LOVE, GODS guidance, help and love!

GOD is:  Everlasting, Faithful, Caring, Loving, Loyal, and Courageous!

DOG is:  Courageous, Faithful, Loving, Loyal, Caring and your Guardian Angel!

This Ranch is dedicated to GOD!!! HE is who runs IT!

We have a great reputation within our community! Animal control inspects us, we have a groomer with 40+ years experience and a veterinarian 3 blocks away!


Unfortunately,  it is necessary to keep our breeding dogs in kennels. However, unlike many breeders whom "Pet" there dogs out after there breeding lives are over, we keep ours! They are in a large yard, basking in the sun, playing in thier pool or lying under a shade tree. Yes, they also have an indoor area too. However, they are not housebroken!

We are dedicated to providing happy, healthy, affordable, puppies.

Most breeders do not offer a health guarantee for parasites as they are difficult to control Please Research this for yourself.

 Our puppies receive 3 sets of shots and 3 parasite treatments before they go home.

Parvo is a devastating disease which is WHY we do not allow visitors until  7 weeks or our puppies to go home until  9 weeks!

We also have neighbors, so...... if you come out, PLEASE, be respectful. Thank You!

 Also, we do NOT do videos!

We do not do social media because it takes a lot of personal care and time to properly care for our "little families" and this ranch.  We are not hiding, just caring for our dogs. Which starts at 6 Am and lasts until 6 pm or longer so please leave a message on our cell at (928)243-2445  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER TEXTING WILL GET YOU A FASTER RESPONSE AS OUR CELL SERVICE IS WEAK UP HERE. We will get back to you, as soon as we possibly can.  The cell reception on the ranch is not wonderful so we check our phone at 11:00 to 12:00 noon and again between 6:00 and 7:30 in the evening the rest of our day is taken up caring for our animals. Thank you for your patience! If you want extra photos please send an email  requesting them to bwaggintails@yahoo.com.  It may take up  to 24-48hrs for us to get them to you.  Please keep in mind, this is a home based, very busy business!  We will do our very best to accommodate you. WE greatly appreciate GOD and you!

 Thank you,  

Charlie and Sally




Waggintails Ranch History

We started Waggintails Ranch to provide an affordable puppy. We have 40 years of grooming experience therefore I try to keep coat types simaler and  easier to maintain. We have been raising puppies for 25 years and can do many things without the assistance of a vet such as shots, wormings, tail docking this is why we can offer our pups at a more reasonable cost to our customers. We believe EVERYONE should be able to afford the puppy of their dreams.

This is one of our "Morkie" (yorkie/maltese mix) puppies he is just a sample and was sold a while ago

Hi! We are Charlie and Sally Baldwin we are located in Snowflake Arizona. We do deliver puppies to many different areas and states for an additional fee. Please see our delivery  area page.

A Deposit of $100.00 may be made though paypal to hold any puppy just go to your paypal site click on send money then send it ot bwaggintails@yahoo.com which is our email address we will need your contact information and which puppy you are sending the deposit for .   The balance due for your puppy is payable in cash or money order on or before the puppies ready date due to problems we have had with pay pal we do not accept balance due payments through pay pal. You must pick up your puppy by the weekend after his/her ready date. If you are sending a deposit in the mail please call or text us to let us know we will not hold puppies until we have your deposit. Additional arrangements to hold your puppy longer can be made but you must call us and make arrangements with us. We do charge $30.00 per week for food care and updating your puppy on its vaccines while in our care.

Our phone number is #(928)243-2445 If  I dont answer please leave a message  include your phone number  I will return your call  a text is ok 


  1. Our email is bwaggintails@yahoo.com  feel free to  email  anytime we will get back with you as soon as possible

Our telephone number  (928)241-3327 Text are welcome! Service can be sketchy at best, lol. However, we check it often.  Please leave a message Thank you,  Sally,  and the rest of the Waggintails Ranch Crew!

Our Mailing address for anyone wanting to send a money order for a puppy is Sally Baldwin 9188 Sharp Trail Snowflake AZ 85937

Please make an appointment to see the puppies we will fit to your schedule as best we can or check our delivery page.

Due to our low profit margin we accept cash or a postal money order for payment unless you live in Navaho County and have proper I.D. thanks for your understanding.